Why Pussy?

Cecilie Thulin

So I've started my round 2 of the 100 day project. Today is day 8. 

First time around I learnt that doing a challenge like this & sharing it online, is a super way of holding myself accountable.

I'm really good at procrastinating, but setting the task to make 100 works in 100 days is the perfect motivator for me. 

So why pussy?

Well, a lot of random threads of curiosities have led me to this point here.  And I hope to use these next 100 days exploring all the different reasons I find myself being drawn to the pussy. 

Today I read through the comments on an article reviewing OMGYes, and was really moved by the support women were showing each other.  

The thread revealed women sharing intimate truths about themselves & connecting through shared experiences & emotions. There is so much power in story telling & being vulnerable. Which is why I'm doing this #100daysofpussy challenge. I'm going to follow my curiosity & make in new ways, and share the journey & discoveries.

Welcome on the ride tribe x