The 2020 Plan

Cecilie Thulin

When I told my parents I was pregnant, I was in a cafe in Berlin & they were in their home in Cape Town. At some point in the convo my dad asked me where I saw us living in the next 5 years.

I said Sweden.

It wasn't long after, that my dad found a new job and they moved to Stockholm. 

What was first the five year plan became the 2020 plan. And now I sit here - two and a half years until this date - and wonder, how the heck am I going to make this wild dream a reality?!? 

Sweden is where my husband, Juki, and I spent 3 months falling in love & recording music together. It's where my gran has a Summer house in the middle of the forest. It's where magic happens. 

I've been drawn to the Swedish landscape ever since watching Ronja Roverdotter on repeat as a kid. I've also always been a massive fan of cinnamon roles, so its only natural that this place feels like home. 

10 years ago I moved away from my parents home in Cape Town. Since then I've lived in three major cities & have now reached a point where I want to be far away from the crowds & the traffic.

I yearn to put down roots. I want to live in a house, with a garden and no neighbours in sight.  

The dream is to build a home in the middle of the Swedish forest, close to a lake, with a barn for a recording studio & one for arts.  

I would love to learn more about permaculture & find a way of bringing that into our life.  I believe in the power of saving seeds and would love nothing more than for my children to know how to grow their own food. 

I'm really bad at watering my plants, so I've got a whole lot to learn! and heaps of prep work to do these next two and a half years if this 2020 Plan stands any chance.

A lil' daunting, but really exciting.