The Burning Witch Within

Cecilie Thulin

Its been a while since I last wrote. The year is coming to an end and the last time I was here, was in the Summer, talking about why I started my 100 days of pussy project. 

My creativity was flowing back then. After having finished my 100 days of faces project, I had built up a daily practice and had started to explore what i wanted to say wth the things i was making. It was exciting! 

Two weeks into #100daysofpussy, we found out i was pregnant. With my son, Lakelan, I had no bad pregnancy symptoms, so I was totally caught off guard at how sick and exhausted I got in the first 3 months. It completely knocked me out of gear & I lost all motivation to be creative. Also, with a toddler running around, I couldn’t help but at times feel like a shitty mom. It was rough.

But I’m on the other side now, and just like childbirth, now that the pain is gone, all i feel is excitement and elation. 

I’m 22 weeks pregnant and we’re having a girl. When we found out we were having a boy in my first pregnancy, I had said that it was going to be way easier raising a sweet boy than it would be to raise a strong girl . So now I’ve been given the challenge! And boy do i feel geared up to take it on! A fire has been lit. 

I feel like theres a shit ton of stuff i need to learn in order for me to help navigate my dear children through this complicated & broken world. I’m not sure where to find the answers. All I can do is listen to my intuition and follow my curiosities, with the hope that they lead us the way. 

Ive been reading a lot to do with feminism and formulating my views & beliefs around what it means to be a woman. I’m growing passionate about female empowerment & looking to goddess mythology & the sacred feminine to discover new ways of being. I have a burning desire to learn how to better take care of our planet and our people, and my gut is telling me that the key lies in the feminine spirit. 

I have no choice but to go on this quest. 

Wish me luck!