Cecilie Thulin

It’s been 3 years since I bought the bababeloco domain and began making and sharing art on instagram. I was a couple of months into new motherhood & I needed a space where I could be creative for the sake of my wellbeing. I have learnt that having the freedom to be creative is incredibly important for me & Baba Be Loco was good at reminding me to keep that side of me alive.

I’ve recently started making music again. My husband and i met and fell in love through making music together, so its something really special to be here 5 years later, making music together again. We’re making tunes on the loopy app on our iPad. It flows really well, and I’m able to sing about the everyday in a beautiful way.

It’s been really good to make music again, and with that excitement, BADMOR was born. The musical alter ego of Seal. The motherlode. The outcry. The melody. The song.

So I bought the Badmor domain, and changed my instagram handle, and now i strangely feel reborn.


Its got a good ring to it, don’t you think?

Anyway, point is, I’m excited. I’ve got a good feeling about where this is heading.

Things to do before I turn 30

Cecilie Thulin

It's nearly been a year since I last wrote on here. A lot has been happening & I wish I was better at keeping a record of it all. So as I near the beginning of my thirties I have a favour to ask of myself & that is to finally start showing up to the women I've always wanted to be. Long story short, I'm a professional procrastinator. I'm super good at dreaming up ideas & desires, but have for a very long time, avoided pursuing many of them wholeheartedly. I've always blamed it on a lack of willpower, but theres probably more to it. Like my unhealthy addiction to binge watching tv series. But all that aside, my point is; it's been a year since I last wrote & I'd really like for that to change.

I used to love to write. Back long long ago. As a kid basically. And I haven't really written since. but for a really long time now, I've been having the feeling that I should be. I don't know about what exactly. But more so, the actual writing practice itself, is something I feel like I should be doing.

So my #1 "to do" before I turn 30 is write.

write everyday. 

The Burning Witch Within

Cecilie Thulin

Its been a while since I last wrote. The year is coming to an end and the last time I was here, was in the Summer, talking about why I started my 100 days of pussy project. 

My creativity was flowing back then. After having finished my 100 days of faces project, I had built up a daily practice and had started to explore what i wanted to say wth the things i was making. It was exciting! 

Two weeks into #100daysofpussy, we found out i was pregnant. With my son, Lakelan, I had no bad pregnancy symptoms, so I was totally caught off guard at how sick and exhausted I got in the first 3 months. It completely knocked me out of gear & I lost all motivation to be creative. Also, with a toddler running around, I couldn’t help but at times feel like a shitty mom. It was rough.

But I’m on the other side now, and just like childbirth, now that the pain is gone, all i feel is excitement and elation. 

I’m 22 weeks pregnant and we’re having a girl. When we found out we were having a boy in my first pregnancy, I had said that it was going to be way easier raising a sweet boy than it would be to raise a strong girl . So now I’ve been given the challenge! And boy do i feel geared up to take it on! A fire has been lit. 

I feel like theres a shit ton of stuff i need to learn in order for me to help navigate my dear children through this complicated & broken world. I’m not sure where to find the answers. All I can do is listen to my intuition and follow my curiosities, with the hope that they lead us the way. 

Ive been reading a lot to do with feminism and formulating my views & beliefs around what it means to be a woman. I’m growing passionate about female empowerment & looking to goddess mythology & the sacred feminine to discover new ways of being. I have a burning desire to learn how to better take care of our planet and our people, and my gut is telling me that the key lies in the feminine spirit. 

I have no choice but to go on this quest. 

Wish me luck!



Why Pussy?

Cecilie Thulin

So I've started my round 2 of the 100 day project. Today is day 8. 

First time around I learnt that doing a challenge like this & sharing it online, is a super way of holding myself accountable.

I'm really good at procrastinating, but setting the task to make 100 works in 100 days is the perfect motivator for me. 

So why pussy?

Well, a lot of random threads of curiosities have led me to this point here.  And I hope to use these next 100 days exploring all the different reasons I find myself being drawn to the pussy. 

Today I read through the comments on an article reviewing OMGYes, and was really moved by the support women were showing each other.  

The thread revealed women sharing intimate truths about themselves & connecting through shared experiences & emotions. There is so much power in story telling & being vulnerable. Which is why I'm doing this #100daysofpussy challenge. I'm going to follow my curiosity & make in new ways, and share the journey & discoveries.

Welcome on the ride tribe x  


The 2020 Plan

Cecilie Thulin

When I told my parents I was pregnant, I was in a cafe in Berlin & they were in their home in Cape Town. At some point in the convo my dad asked me where I saw us living in the next 5 years.

I said Sweden.

It wasn't long after, that my dad found a new job and they moved to Stockholm. 

What was first the five year plan became the 2020 plan. And now I sit here - two and a half years until this date - and wonder, how the heck am I going to make this wild dream a reality?!? 

Sweden is where my husband, Juki, and I spent 3 months falling in love & recording music together. It's where my gran has a Summer house in the middle of the forest. It's where magic happens. 

I've been drawn to the Swedish landscape ever since watching Ronja Roverdotter on repeat as a kid. I've also always been a massive fan of cinnamon roles, so its only natural that this place feels like home. 

10 years ago I moved away from my parents home in Cape Town. Since then I've lived in three major cities & have now reached a point where I want to be far away from the crowds & the traffic.

I yearn to put down roots. I want to live in a house, with a garden and no neighbours in sight.  

The dream is to build a home in the middle of the Swedish forest, close to a lake, with a barn for a recording studio & one for arts.  

I would love to learn more about permaculture & find a way of bringing that into our life.  I believe in the power of saving seeds and would love nothing more than for my children to know how to grow their own food. 

I'm really bad at watering my plants, so I've got a whole lot to learn! and heaps of prep work to do these next two and a half years if this 2020 Plan stands any chance.

A lil' daunting, but really exciting. 

Hello, I'm Seal and I'm an artist.

Cecilie Thulin

Its been a year since i bought the Baba Be Loco domain.

It started out as an idea to create a kids clothing brand but as i started creating, I quickly realised that what i was making wasn't exactly kid friendly.

I continued to make, not knowing where I was heading and discovered that it was okay to call what i was making art. I've always shied away from calling myself an artist - despite having a Fine Art degree - but its taken me this year to see that if I surrender to the process, awesome things can happen! 

A couple of months ago I was searching the web for artist residency programmes for mothers and found very little, but came across this online residency programme

“ A self directed, open source artist residency to empower and inspire artists who are mothers.”

Theres an online kit you can download, where you are asked questions to help you structure your program.

As I was answering the questions, i saw that there was nothing standing in the way of me having the creative practice I wanted. I had the time, the space, and the materials - so there was really no reason not to join - other than the fact that I'm pretty useless when it comes to discipline. 

So if I was gonna do this, I was gonna need to some serious accountability...

              Letterpress Artist Residency in Motherhood Customisable Business Cards 

              Letterpress Artist Residency in Motherhood Customisable Business Cards 

It was then i came across the #100dayproject on Instagram.

It's an online version of a project created by designer and teacher, Michael Beirut. He started the project as a graphic design workshop at Yale University.

When asked about what the point of the project is, he says   

“I've always had a fascination with the ways that creative people balance inspiration and discipline in their working lives. It's easy to be energized when you're in the grip of a big idea. But what do you do when you don't have anything to work with?“

The project was brought online by The Great Discontent and Elle Luna, who describe the project as being, 

“a celebration of process that encourages everyone to participate in 100 days of making. The great surrender is the process; showing up day after day is the goal. For the 100-Day Project, it’s not about fetishizing finished products—it’s about the process."

So I decided I'd do the 100 day project and put my discipline to the test!

The challenge would be to draw 100 prints of faces in 100 days. Ive been drawing this style of face since 2010, so i thought it'd be a pretty safe theme to stick with...

But what was safe became boring fast. And by day 40 I knew I had to redirect or drop out. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 12.46.31.jpg

Today I’m on day 86 - and since day 40, my faces have become stamps, pillows, garlands, dolls and planters. Its been a really exciting process of letting go, experimenting and playing. And now I can comfortably say, yes, I'm an artist.

In two weeks I’ll be celebrating my 100th day and launch my Etsy shop offering my quirky face creations to the world. I'm calling it The Doppelgänger Collection and I really hope its the first of many more BBL collections to come. 

What should my next 100dayproject be?

I'm thinking 100 days of pussy!